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About Arvid

My name is Arvid Bräne and I am a 23 year old UI/UX Designer born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I have not only great passion for both pixel perfection; but also for eye-pleasing code. I currently live in Umeå with my girlfriend Linnea where I’m getting my Masters degree in Interaction Design at Umeå University. For more information about my work, please check out my Resumé.

Places where I’ve lived

  1. I was born and, for the most part, also raised on Södermalm in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
  2. At the age of 6, me and my family moved to Stuttgart, Germany where my dad just had gotten a new job.
  3. We moved back to Södermalm after about 2 years for only a couple of months before we moved to Danderyd, northern parts of Stockholm.
  4. In the middle of 8:th grade we moved again, this time to Frenches Forest in Sydney, Australia.
  5. But after only a year and a half it was time for me to start Swedish high-school, so than I, alone, moved back to Sweden to live with my grandparents in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm.
  6. When the rest of my family moved back to Sweden, about a year after, it was time for me to move back to Danderyd with them.
  7. 2 years later it was time for some change, this time I moved to Umeå, northern parts of Sweden, to study. This is where I currently live (except during the summer holidays, which I mostly spend in Danderyd).
  8. After the summer of 2014 I decided to move to Hong Kong to continue my studies as a exchange student.
  9. 5 months later I move back to Umeå to finish my studies, this is where I currently live!

About this site

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