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Yosemite Finder Icon

Arvid Bräne - October 30th, 2014 - #Freebie, #Icon, #Personal

2014-10-30 06.39.18 pmI installed Yosemite about a week ago and I must say, it’s great (even on my +4 year-old MacBook Pro); the subtle blurs, the new dock look/behavior, the absence of gloss, the fact that Apple figured out how to do full-screen properly, the font-consistency, etc. There are unfortunately a few icons that ruin the overall OS X experience (see picture), so I decided to do something about it.

I started with, what I believe is, the hardest one; Finder. After drawing a number of different illustrations I finally decided to stick with the smilie-face. The new white/blue look has way too much contrast for my taste, the old dark blue/light blue is way better in my opinion. I also downloaded the Muir II icon-pack by Sebastian de With recently and really wanted to keep the same kind of tone. So here it is; my Finder icon replacement for Mac OS X Yosemite!

PS. For those of you who’ve never changed an icon before should check out LiteIcon. If you like it you might want to tweet about the this!

Download Finder.icns

Update for Mac OS X El Capitan

About a week ago Apple released their new operating system Mac OS X El Capitan. While it adds a bunch of new features it also takes away some; for example the ability to change system icons (like the Finder icon) due to their new System Integrity Protection. On top of this Apple decided to reset your customized icons back to their defaults. This could be the beginning of the end for custom themes in OS X. But fear not, there is a work-around! Simply follow these simple steps, provided by LiteIcon, and you’ll be up and running again in no-time:

  1. Restart your Mac, holding down the Command-R keys until the Apple logo appears, to boot into Recovery mode.
  2. From the Utilities menu, select Terminal.
  3. At the prompt type the following command and press enter:
    csrutil enable --without fs
  4. Restart your Mac and LiteIcon should allow you to change all icons.
  5. After changing the icons, you should re-enable SIP by following the above steps, but using csrutil enable instead.

One Month in Hong Kong

Arvid Bräne - September 24th, 2014 - #Personal, #Studies, #Travel, #University

So I moved to Hong Kong. Yes, the “small-half-island-jungle-full-with-people-that-used-to-be-an-english-colony-that-china-now-controls”-country is now my home. I’m currently one month into my four-month-semester-stay and I’ve just gotten used to the climate, food and culture. This is a short update on how things are going.


sam the wiseI’ve been one of the fortunate to get a room at the student residence at CityU. I live in a 12 m2 room that I share with my roommate Sam, my bed is as hard as a rock, I pay for AC by the minute, I share my toilet with 4 people, I have no place to cook my own food, the WiFi feels like dial-up from the ’90’s and I wait for the elevator about 30-40 minutes per day; but I still consider myself very lucky. Living in Hong Kong is usually very expensive (in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in) but as I live in a dorm I only pay about $4500 HKD (around $640 USD), and that’s for a whole semester! I can’t really complain about the distance to school either; for most of my courses it takes around 30 seconds to get to class (not counting the unbelievable amount of time I spend waiting for elevators).


One of the biggest differences so far is definitely school; even though City University of Hong Kong is a great school, it’s no where near Umeå University when it comes to the teaching quality and class participation. It might be the courses I’m taking (Media & Communication mostly); it might be that the serious stuff is still to come, but so far I feel way too relaxed about the workload.
cityu cmc City University of Hong Kong consists of four buildings: Academic Building 1, 2, 3 (on the left) and Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center (on the right).

Food & Culture

taxi-drivers do love there phones...The food is undoubtedly different and it’s not too uncommon for restaurants to have menus in only Cantonese, which makes ordering food that much harder. It takes some getting used to but most of the food is actually good, even though, in most cases, its looks beg to differ. The food (and most of the other stuff you buy for that matter) is fortunately quite cheap, compare to Sweden, so trying out new things doesn’t have to set you back a fortune. Even the public transportation is cheap and don’t even get me started on taxis.

Travel & Nature

One misconception of Hong Kong is that the country solely consists of the main city; this is obviously a load of bollocks since only 10% of the country is actual “city ground”. The jungle makes for great hiking and exploring. Catching a boat to any of the small islands (which feels like traveling to another country) outside the city is often cheaper than your average meal.

A panorama shot just above where I live, Kowloon Tong

A panorama shot just above where I live, Kowloon Tong

I’m planing to travel a lot during my time here; so far I’ve been to Macao and I have tickets to Taiwan for next week. Other places I’m planing to visit are South Korea, Cambodia, Singapore and hopefully Malaysia and/or The Philippines. This is going to be a hectic autumn, that’s for sure. See you in a couple of months Sweden and as my mother always says:

The best thing about living abroad is that you learn to appreciate home

Spotify Mac UI

April, 2013 - #Mac Application, #Personal, #Photoshop, #Spotify, #UI

After growing tired of the iTunes-looking thing Spotify hade going on with their Mac application, me and a few classmates (Albin, Victor, Simon etc.) of mine decided to host a redesign contest where we in the end would send in our designs for Spotify to pick a winner. BTW, I listen to music.


BeforeThe old design (0.9.X) was too similar to iTunes; huge lists with a focus on fitting as much content into the window as possible. Most often I, the user, find what I’m looking for (if I’ve e.g. searched for a song) in the 10 results. I am also normally a big fan of dark UI’s, but I believe this one is too dark, and frankly, quite boring.


Spotify MapThe redesign is responsive (in my opinion a native app has to be as responsive as a webpage), it keeps some kind of cross platform consistency (since the navigation is based on their web player), it introduces some new features (buffer indicators etc.).

Photoshop Stuff

January, 2013 - #GoPro, #Paintball, #Personal, #Photoshop, #Tape

From time to time I feel like improving my basic photoshop knowledge, one of the ways I do that is by looking at an photo and trying to replicate it. Sometimes I do it with a twist (“only vectors” or “only bitmaps”) but most often it is just me trying to figure out lighting, textures, perspectives, etc. Here are a few objects I’ve created:

GoPro Camera

GoProDuring a short period of time I was “obsessed” with GoPro cameras (until I finally bought one) and when GoPro released their third generation of cameras, the Hero 3 (reference image), I decided it was time to make one in Photoshop. 30 hours and 450+ layers later – Voilá!

Tippman 98C Paintball Marker

Paintball MarkerI took up Paintball in 2012, and boy, did I like it! I started with a simple marker, a Tippman 98C (reference image), and quickly fell in love with it. As a “token of appreciation” I decided on to re-create it in Photoshop. After about 20 hours I ended up with a PSD, around 600+ layers, and a lot wider knowledge about lighting and textures.

Cassette Tape

TapeI was asked to come up with a logotype for the event “Idag & Inatt”described here, and quickly decided on trying to create a Cassette Tape (reference image), using only vectors. The finished image was over 420 layers, feel free to download the PSD-file here.

Facebook Mac UI

November, 2012 - , #Mac Application, #Personal, #Photoshop, #UI

During the start of my second year at Umeå University I started designing the user interface for a stand-alone Facebook Mac application. It was one of those projects I had going on for quite some time; from September to November.

Much thought was put into making the user feel familiar, embracing the look and feel of the Facebook ecosystem. The user should at the same time feel that this was a genuine native application and not a simple web port. The design was very appreciated on Dribbble and on Twitter; Facebook themselves also contacted me about it.