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Spotify Mac UI

April, 2013 - #Mac Application, #Personal, #Photoshop, #Spotify, #UI

After growing tired of the iTunes-looking thing Spotify hade going on with their Mac application, me and a few classmates (Albin, Victor, Simon etc.) of mine decided to host a redesign contest where we in the end would send in our designs for Spotify to pick a winner. BTW, I listen to music.


BeforeThe old design (0.9.X) was too similar to iTunes; huge lists with a focus on fitting as much content into the window as possible. Most often I, the user, find what I’m looking for (if I’ve e.g. searched for a song) in the 10 results. I am also normally a big fan of dark UI’s, but I believe this one is too dark, and frankly, quite boring.


Spotify MapThe redesign is responsive (in my opinion a native app has to be as responsive as a webpage), it keeps some kind of cross platform consistency (since the navigation is based on their web player), it introduces some new features (buffer indicators etc.).