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January, 2013 - #GoPro, #Paintball, #Personal, #Photoshop, #Tape

From time to time I feel like improving my basic photoshop knowledge, one of the ways I do that is by looking at an photo and trying to replicate it. Sometimes I do it with a twist (“only vectors” or “only bitmaps”) but most often it is just me trying to figure out lighting, textures, perspectives, etc. Here are a few objects I’ve created:

GoPro Camera

GoProDuring a short period of time I was “obsessed” with GoPro cameras (until I finally bought one) and when GoPro released their third generation of cameras, the Hero 3 (reference image), I decided it was time to make one in Photoshop. 30 hours and 450+ layers later – Voilá!

Tippman 98C Paintball Marker

Paintball MarkerI took up Paintball in 2012, and boy, did I like it! I started with a simple marker, a Tippman 98C (reference image), and quickly fell in love with it. As a “token of appreciation” I decided on to re-create it in Photoshop. After about 20 hours I ended up with a PSD, around 600+ layers, and a lot wider knowledge about lighting and textures.

Cassette Tape

TapeI was asked to come up with a logotype for the event “Idag & Inatt”described here, and quickly decided on trying to create a Cassette Tape (reference image), using only vectors. The finished image was over 420 layers, feel free to download the PSD-file here.