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My proudest work Website

November, 2013 - #Freelance, #Photoshop, #Responsive, #Web, #Webdesign is a website where users can not only compare ticket prices for football events, for example a match between Sweden and Denmark, but also choose to book a matching air ticket. Since there are hundreds of games every day worldwide, the website needs to be able to filter these events in different ways.

I had the opportunity to re-design their whole website experience with a deep focus on coming up with a new, fresh, and responsive look and feel. I came up with a couple of different mock-ups for the site, but also added some components to their already exciting graphic profile.

Spotify Mac UI

April, 2013 - #Mac Application, #Personal, #Photoshop, #Spotify, #UI

After growing tired of the iTunes-looking thing Spotify hade going on with their Mac application, me and a few classmates (Albin, Victor, Simon etc.) of mine decided to host a redesign contest where we in the end would send in our designs for Spotify to pick a winner. BTW, I listen to music.


BeforeThe old design (0.9.X) was too similar to iTunes; huge lists with a focus on fitting as much content into the window as possible. Most often I, the user, find what I’m looking for (if I’ve e.g. searched for a song) in the 10 results. I am also normally a big fan of dark UI’s, but I believe this one is too dark, and frankly, quite boring.


Spotify MapThe redesign is responsive (in my opinion a native app has to be as responsive as a webpage), it keeps some kind of cross platform consistency (since the navigation is based on their web player), it introduces some new features (buffer indicators etc.).

Facebook Mac UI

November, 2012 - , #Mac Application, #Personal, #Photoshop, #UI

During the start of my second year at Umeå University I started designing the user interface for a stand-alone Facebook Mac application. It was one of those projects I had going on for quite some time; from September to November.

Much thought was put into making the user feel familiar, embracing the look and feel of the Facebook ecosystem. The user should at the same time feel that this was a genuine native application and not a simple web port. The design was very appreciated on Dribbble and on Twitter; Facebook themselves also contacted me about it.